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7 min readMay 8, 2023

The time has come to unlock $ANIMA 🎉

Before we begin, let’s frame our approach and purpose for the unlocking.

Our Approach

Our main goal is to build a sustainable game. That means our focus is to create interconnected game loops that fuel productivity and activity. we believe that healthy game loops accrue value to all assets within the ecosystem.

The game is not beholden to the token, the token is beholden to the game.

Our Long Term Vision

With this launch, we are not looking to ride a short term wave of hype. We are building for a sustainable ecosystem. Our vision for $ANIMA is for it to be in the hands of those that truly want to take part in our gaming experience.

We want you to experience:

  • Pride in owning unique and beautiful art
  • A drive to continually improve your Adventurer
  • Joyful anticipation for your next LootBox reveal
  • Belonging to a wide world of games through interoperability

We want to associate $ANIMA with moments that delight and create deep ties with the Adventurer that you own.

ANIMA in the Realmverse

$ANIMA is attained by Adventurers for performing activities. Below, we’ll discuss:

  • How $ANIMA is earned
  • How $ANIMA is used
  • Token Allotments
  • Liquidity Strategy

How is ANIMA Earned

There are two ways to earn $ANIMA:

  • Owning an Adventurer and being active
  • Owning $ANIMA and taking part in Gamified Staking

Adventurer Activities

A majority of $ANIMA is earned through activities performed by Adventurers. This includes Battles, Missions, Exploration and future activities.

Adventurers include Adventurers of the Void(AoV) and all our partner project characters(Smols, Imbued Souls, Squires, Tales of Elleria Heroes, Genesis Legions).

Note: AoVs are capable of earning multiples higher $ANIMA than partner projects.

Adventurers are a limited supply that is expandable through creating partnerships with other projects. Therefore, Adventurers create a bottleneck for $ANIMA emissions.

The team can onboard Partner projects to expand the Adventurer limit that will create network effects and more $ANIMA usage in the process.

Gamified Staking

Staking rewards are based on several factors:

  • Amount staked by Staker relative to circulating supply
  • Monthly $ANIMA burned through Monuments
  • Base Emission rate
  • Time of claim
  • Amount of Stakers in the Realm

The base emission rate is calculated as follows:


This means as circulating supply increases, staking emissions will decrease.

For more details read our article on Monuments.

How is ANIMA Used

$ANIMA must be an integral part of game progression and provide in-game value. We’ve accomplished that with its use towards Transcendence.

$ANIMA has a current burn rate of ~85% through Transcendence.

We’ll soon be launching our LootBox platform and Gamified Staking that will create further uses for $ANIMA.


$ANIMA is used for Transcendence. That’s the process of leveling up an Adventurer AND choosing a new Variant.

The cost of transcendence scales up with the level of the Adventurer.

Every month, we release new Variants an Adventurer can choose from. These are unique, hand-drawn characters created by our very talented Lead Artist GBS.

LootBox Platform

With the launch of the LootBox platform, Adventurers will be able to use $ANIMA to receive a LootBox. LootBoxes hold Peripherals, crafting Material, and Treasure ecosystem items(Treasure Fragments, KOTE Rings) that will help Adventurers as they Battle and Explore the Realmverse.

Gamified Staking

Owners of $ANIMA will be able to stake it to a Realm and collect a percentage of emissions. Stakers will need to watch market conditions to claim their rewards at optimal times.

For more details on the LootBox Platform and Gamified Staking see our latest article below.

Token Allotments

The token has an immutable max supply of 750 million. It will be split into the following allotments.


~95% will be minted through gameplay emissions.

Founding Team

5% will go towards the founding team. It will be vested over 3 years with a 9 month cliff.


45k will go to TreasureDAO as part of our TIP-09 agreement.

Liquidity Strategy

Liquidity is the lifeblood of a token but it can also counteract the goals of a sustainable game. Our two guiding principles to create a harmonize balance are:

  • To grow liquidity organically through gameplay
  • To accrue in-game value that incentivizes players to provide liquidity

For these reasons, we want to create liquidity that has the following characteristics:

  1. Majority owned by players not speculators
  2. Permanence through long tail incentives
  3. Always liquid, never locked
  4. In-game value driven

Majority Owned by Players not Speculators

The Realm ecosystem has been purposefully grown at a slower pace than most projects in this space. In fact, it’s one of our superpowers. It has allowed us to create a solid foundation of players who believe in what we are building.

These same players have also been accruing assets NOT to simply flip them but to make them productive instruments in the Realmverse. Now is there time to put them to work and create external value.

The team will not be providing liquidity initially.

Players will be incentivized to use their $ANIMA to become LPs and create a foundational layer of liquidity that is backed by their tenure and belief in the world we are building.

If you are reading this, you can become a foundational player in our ecosystem.

Permanence through Long Tail Incentives

We deeply believe in the saying “Slow and steady wins the race”. So we want to create incentives that reward those that are committed to our cause.

This will be accomplished by:

  1. In-Game incentives directly tied to $ANIMA
  2. Allowing the majority of fees to be earned by the community
  3. A phased approach to incentives

We will be providing in-game incentives to offset any possible impermanent loss on the part of the provider. These incentives will evolve as the risk for loss decreases.

Here’s an example of what phases might look like:

  • Phase 1: Variable boost, based on liquidity provided, for $ANIMA related activities
  • Phase 2: Imbued boost for in-game items that indirectly affect $ANIMA rewards

NOTE: Incentives will be ever changing to help liquidity mature and grow.

Always Liquid, never Locked

Freedom is important, especially when it comes to your assets. That’s why we want to pioneer a new incentive system where players can come in and out of being a liquidity provider.

If the game doesn’t compel you to be an LP, then something is wrong with our game theory and must be addressed.

In-Game Value Driven

The game is NOT beholden to the token, the token is beholden to the game. The game should always drive the value of the token. We are not creating a token for external use, we are creating a token whose sole purpose will be for in-game use.

Any external value derived by in-game use is out of our control and is dictated by market dynamics.

It will be the team’s job to create high demand for the token in-game so that, in turn, value flows down to those who are liquidity providers. $ANIMA is already in high demand as it has a ~85% burn rate.


We are primed for growth. This launch will allow us to create a base layer of in-game value for $ANIMA, created by the community engaging in gameplay and strong belief in our ethos.

ANIMA is backed by Realm’s Ethos. To build community and ownership for it’s holders.

We’ll then have the leverage and track record to attract liquidity into a solid foundation so we can create bigger and better experience for all players.

Keep an eye out for release dates in our Discord and Twitter.

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Not financial advice. Our main goal is to build a thriving ecosystem that is fun for the community and brings value to the ecosystem. Plans can change based on these goal.



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