The Infinite Game (♾️,🎮)

How AI will usher in a New Genre of Games

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6 min readSep 4, 2023
Fabled Longsword of Death — generated by AI

Most games have an ending. You reach a certain level, you beat the big bad boss or content stops being created. What if I told you Realm could become the first-ever game that never ends? (♾️,🎮)


  • AI will continue to grow exponentially across many mediums, and we’ll grow alongside it
  • Realm has one of the most expansive and extensible gaming data sets on-chain to date
  • Unique Verifiable Activity(UVA) — Unique, Compounding, Accruing player owned value
  • AI will supercharge a player’s experience by creating a unique world from all their on-chain activity
  • We are starting with Crafting and early drafts are looking incredible

The growth of AI is EXPONENTIAL. It will permeate every corner of technology as innovators continue to experiment with new applications.

Back in September 2022, we decided to experiment with AI by using DALL-E to create visuals for our Realms. Image generation has seen a huge leap forward in the past year.

So in April, we used MidJourney V5 to level up the visuals in our app. We received very positive feedback from our community.

Crafting / Training / Battles — generated by AI

We are building alongside AI and leveraging its exponential growth

In the coming months, we want to leverage deeper integrations with AI to help us achieve our dream: The Infinite Game.

What’s that? 👇

The Infinite Game

Realm Geo Feature: Desert — generated by AI

Perpetual activities and content, driven by players and imagined through the eyes of AI. We are on the verge of creating an ever expanding game that can be passed down from generation to generation.

Web3 technologies are still in their infancy but we are building the foundation for a new gaming genre with the tools that we have today.

Let’s talk about how blockchain and AI help us get a step closer to our ultimate vision of the Infinite Game.

Blockchain + Gaming

Blockchains are great but you shouldn’t use them unless it provides value to the end user. In our eyes, blockchains give us three important value propositions:

  • Tokenization: Standardizes how data is stored
  • Verifiable Data: Provides a way to authenticate the ownership and changes made to data
  • Interoperability: Ability to port data across various applications


Think of tokenization like agreeing on a common language. When we all speak the same language, communication becomes clear and efficient.

Tokenization does this for in-game data. It organizes it in a standard way, making it easy to manage, modify, and recognize.

Verifiable Data

Blockchains ensure that the data saved is trustworthy and follows set rules. When it comes to data that determines outcomes and value accrual, you want to be 100% sure that the data used to make that decision has been verified.

Realm has one of the most expansive and extensible gaming data sets on-chain to date

Collectibles: Nanotechnology / Giant Squid / Obsidian — generated by AI


Tokenization not only organizes data but also lets you share it beyond your own game or platform. Imagine if toys from different sets could all play together seamlessly.

We recently incorporated Smolverse and Tales of Elleria into the Realmverse…and more to come 👀

That’s the idea here. Different systems can connect and create new, unexpected values.

Realm’s On-Chain Presence

For the past two years, our players have amassed a wealth of on-chain data on Arbitrum. Their assets have evolved and accrued in-game value based on their activity which is verifiable on-chain.

What will we do with all this data? 👇

The Power of AI

Peripherals: Eminent Cloak of Eternity / Rumored Spear of Antithesis— generated by AI

AI will supercharge a player’s experience by creating a unique world from all their on-chain activity. This goes beyond just User-Generated Content. AI will harness a player’s on-chain presence and create Unique Verifiable Activity.

User Data + Blockchain + AI = Unique Verifiable Activity

Unique Verifiable Activity (UVA) has the following characteristics:

  • Compounds in uniqueness
  • Accrues value over time
  • Supercharged by AI’s ability to interpret data into various mediums (art, music, lore, etc…)
  • Always portable
  • Completely verifiable
  • Solely owned by the player

Your world is created by your activity and AI’s ability to imagine that world. Imagine leveraging all this value across other applications.

Aiming High

These are lofty goals! We want to set our sights high to become leading innovators in the space. We’ve got more to say but we’d rather speak with our actions.

We are building this vision through an iterative process as we’ve done in the past…starting with our upcoming release of Crafting.

Crafting + The Infinite Game

We want to give you a sneak peek into how crafting will support The Infinite Game.

Peripherals: Endless Codex of Destruction / Rumored Ring of Destiny/ Fabled Helmet of Endurance — generated by AI


Recipes make up the backbone of our crafting system. Adventurers will find new Recipes hidden throughout the Realmverse.

Though not every recipe will be unique, every Adventurer has the potential to find Recipes no one else can. These Recipes will yield Peripherals — our in-game items.


AI will leverage a player’s data to create visually striking Peripherals. Their traits and bonuses will be based on the Recipes Adventurers find. Get your $ANIMA ready 👀

A culmination of a player’s past experiences crafted into an item.

Leaning into our roots of the Lootverse, we’ll have practically endless combinations of what can be created. We’re excited for what Adventurers create as they venture through the Realmverse 🚀


We’ve got a lot in the works at the moment (Crafting, Battles V3, Cities, Missions) but we’ll start to tackle this in the fourth quarter of the year.

BUT, you can get started today! 👇

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If you own a SmolBrain or Tales of Elleria Hero, you can also join the Realmverse today. We’ll be rolling out other Partner Adventurers in the coming months.

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