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Part 2: Monuments

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5 min readMar 9, 2023

This is the second in a series on unifying the Realmer and Adventurer experience. If you missed our first article on Research Labs, here you go!

Overview of Monuments

Monuments are currently used by Realmers to compete for $MAGIC Rewards but they have a deeper purpose. You’ll come to see a much richer experience around Monuments that will:

  • Contribute to the sustainability of $ANIMA
  • Create dynamic and fluid gameplay for all players
  • Provide a entry for LootBoxes

Let’s jump into how a this unified experience will change how Monuments are used.

A Unified Experience

Monuments are structures built by Realmers that are then added to a Realm.

Here’s the tl;dr:

  • Adventurers will now be able use Monuments to earn LootBoxes
  • Their use will turn on rewards for $ANIMA Stakers
  • Usage will increase a Realm’s productivity which helps improve its emission rewards

There are 3 types of players involved: Adventurers, Realmers and Stakers.

Let’s talk about Adventurers first 👇



Adventurers pay homage to their ancestors through Monuments. Homage requires an offering of $ANIMA. In exchange, Adventurers receive a LootBox. LootBoxes hold Peripherals and Multiverse items such as Treasure Fragments and KOTE Rings.


An Adventurer will decide what LootBox rarity they want and how much $ANIMA they are willing to offer by choosing one of seven Monuments. Below are the drop rates, cost and requirements when an Adventurer pays homage:

Altar I

  • Drop: 100% Common
  • Costs: 1 ANIMA
  • Requirements: Any level AoV

Altar II

  • Drop: 50% Common, 50% Rare
  • Cost: 5 ANIMA
  • Requirements: Level 5 or higher

Obelisk I

  • Drop: 30% Common, 60% Rare, 10% Epic
  • Cost: 15 ANIMA
  • Requirements: Level 10 or higher

Obelisk II

  • Drop: 10% Common, 55% Rare, 35% Epic
  • Cost: 25 ANIMA
  • Requirements: Level 15 or higher

Obelisk III

  • Drop: 5% Common, 35% Rare, 50% Epic, 10% Legendary
  • Cost: 35 ANIMA
  • Requirements: Level 20 or higher

Monolith I

  • Drop: 20% Rare, 55% Epic, 25% Legendary
  • Cost: 45 ANIMA
  • Requirements: Level 25 or higher

Monolith II

  • Drop: 15% Rare, 35% Epic, 50% Legendary
  • Cost: 55 ANIMA
  • Requirements: Level 30 or higher

These numbers will be adjusted before launch as we finalize gameplay.

Reminder, this is not the only way Adventurers will be able to earn LootBoxes. See our article on LootBoxes and Peripherals for more details.


Realm Geo Features

Realmers are incentivized to build Monuments using Earthen Collectibles to increase a Realm’s Productivity and attract Stakers.

Productivity is a key factor in determining how much a Realmer is rewarded through emissions.

More on the role of Productivity in our next article about Cities 😉

Homage Availability

Realmers build and add Monuments to their Realm which allows Adventurers to pay homage. Once Adventurers pay homage, the Monument they use is burnt.


The cost of paying homage decreases the more $ANIMA staked by Stakers(See section about Stakers below).


PERCENTAGE_DISCOUNT ranges between 0% — 25%.


Anyone who owns $ANIMA can be a Staker.

Don’t be fooled by the word staking. This is NOT a set it and forget it activity.

Stakers will need to watch market conditions to claim your rewards at optimal times. If they leave their rewards unclaimed for too long, marauders will come looking for it.

Stakers must be wise in choosing a Realm. Every Realm will offer different $ANIMA Rewards. Let’s see how a Staker will determine what Realm to choose 👇

Questions to Ask Before Staking

Stakers need to ask themselves the following questions when choosing a Realm as they influence $ANIMA Rewards earned:

  • Does it have enough Staking Capacity?
  • What $ANIMA Rewards does it offer?

Staking Capacity

Staking capacity is based on a Realm’s total Inheritance. Inheritance is earned when a Monument is burned. Amount earned is based on the Monuments type.

Capacity availability is first come, first serve so Stakers will want to make sure they grab the best space available. What makes space the best? $ANIMA Reward 👇

$ANIMA Rewards

Rewards are based on several factors:

  • Amount staked by Staker relative to circulating supply
  • Monthly $ANIMA burned through Monuments
  • Emission rate
  • Time of claim
  • Amount of Stakers in the Realm

We’ll be sharing exact calculations closer to launch.


Monuments will launch along side our LootBox system. It’s our first step towards unifying our economic game loops 🙌

Our next article in the series will be on Cities 🌇

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