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Part 1: Research Labs

Today, we’ll be talking about Research Labs and the role they play for Realmers and Adventurers. Before we do, let’s do a quick review of what being a Realmer and Adventurer means.

Realmer’s Purpose

Realmers are the owners of a Realm. Their main goal is to build up their Realm in order to:

Adventurer’s Purpose

Adventurers travel the Realmverse in search of their Origin Story. Through that process they:

  • Transcend into new Variants
  • Train to prepare for Battles and Missions
  • Capture $PARTICLE and $ANIMA from activities
  • Earn LootBoxes through activities
  • Gain Rarity Items through LootBoxes and crafting

Overview of Research Labs

Now that we understand the Realmer/Adventurer purpose, let’s take a look at Research Labs and how they can help them achieve these purposes.

Research Labs are structures built and added to a Realm. Above is an overview of how Labs work. There are 3 types of players involved: Adventurers, Realmers and Stakers.

Let’s talk about Adventurers first 👇


We will be dedicating a whole article to the crafting system but for now, let’s focus on how crafting works in relation to Research Labs.

Let’s do a quick over of what Rarity Items are 👇

There are three ways get a Rarity Item:

  1. Receive one through opening a LootBox
  2. Use a considerable amount of Collectibles to craft lower Rarity Items
  3. Use $PARTICLE and Rarity Items to craft higher Rarity Items

We will be focusing on the third way in this section.

Adventurers can choose what Realm to craft in. Let’s discuss four aspects that will influence an Adventurer’s decision: Success rate, Cost, Origin, and Benefits 👇

Success Rates

Success rate starts at 50% but can increase up to 100%. Success rate is controlled by the Realmer through the use of $PARTICLE.


Crafting requires $PARTICLE. Cost is based on the success rate. The higher the success rate, the higher the cost.


When crafted, each item is imbued with its place of origin. As crafting unfolds, Adventurers will find that some Origins are rarer than others.


Crafting provides Adventurers with the ability to own rarer, more powerful and visually unique Rarity Items to use with their Adventurers.

See more details on how Rarity Items work in our previous article.


Realmers build Labs using Tech Collectibles and then add them to their Realm.

Let’s discuss Adventurer Capacity, Success Rates, Cost and Realmer benefits 👇

Adventurer Capacity

Realmers build and stake Labs to their Realm to allow Adventurers to craft. Once they craft, the Lab they use is burned.

Labs come in 7 Rarities from Common to Exotic. Each Lab provides the space for an Adventurer to craft a Rarity Item that pertains to the Lab Rarity.

Realmers will need to be aware of demand to know which Labs to build and add to their Realm.

Success Rate

A Realmer can increase success rate by burning $PARTICLE. Base success rate is 50%. $PARTICLE burned can increase success rate up to 100%.


Cost fluctuates based on success rate. The higher success rate, the higher the cost.


Increased $PARTICLE for Stakers
A Realmer can decide to stake into their Realm to reap the rewards of their productivity.

Crafting Proficiency
Crafting Proficiency increases based on crafting activity. As activity increases, a Realmer will benefit by:

  • Providing more benefits to Adventurer which leads to more activity
  • Used Rarity Items may drop for Realmers


A Staker can be anyone who owns $PARTICLE. They must decide which Realm can provide the best $PARTICLE returns based on productivity.


Productivity of a Realm is calculated using the following criteria:

  • Research Labs burned
  • $PARTICLE burned
  • Rarity Items burned

Questions to Ask Before Staking

Stakers need to ask themselves the following questions when choosing a Realm:

  • Does it have enough staking capacity?
  • Does it have an attractive capture rate?
  • Is there a low amount of stakers present?

These three questions will play a roll in the amount of $PARTICLE a Staker is able to capture. Let’s take a look at each question below 👇

Staking Capacity

Staking capacity is based on a Realm’s burn rates for $PARTICLE and Research Labs.

Capture Rate

Capture rate is based on several factors:

  • Amount staked by Staker relative to total supply
  • Monthly productivity
  • Emission schedule
  • Time of Capture
  • Amount of Stakers in the Realm

Staker Count

The more Stakers on a Realm, the less $PARTICLE captured overall for all Stakers. Stakers will need to weigh the benefits of staking in one or many Realms to get the best capture rate.


Stakers main motivation is capturing more $PARTICLE. What they do with that $PARTICLE varies based on other roles they hold within the Realmverse.


Research Labs showcases the blueprint we’ll be using to unify our game loops. It’s exciting to begin the process of building on top of the foundation laid out over the past year.

These new game loops bring:

  • Crafting fueled by Realmers and Adventurers
  • Multifaceted strategy for $PARTICLE usage
  • Incentives for building

These strong economic game loops coupled with the strong belief of our community will allow us to onboard other projects that want to venture into the Realmverse with their existing NFTs in search of enticing Loot, amazing Art and community-driven Lore.

Next Up

Our next article will dive into Monuments and their role in the Realmverse unified. Get your $ANIMA ready!

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Not financial advice. Our main goal is to build a thriving ecosystem that is fun for the community and brings value to the ecosystem. Plans can change based on this goal.



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