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Part 3: Cities

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4 min readMar 19, 2023

This is the third in a series on our updates to unify the Realmer and Adventurer experience. If you missed our second article on Monuments here you go

A Whole New Paradigm

It’s no secret that we are on a path to unlock $PARTICLE.

With that in mind, we have some exciting changes coming that will create a more accessible and sustainable experience for all.

PARTICLE Halvening for Exploration

On June 1, our first halvening event will occur for $PARTICLE earned through Realm exploration. We will have a scheduled halvening every month after that till the end of the year, at which point $PARTICLE distribution through exploring will be deprecated.

This only applies to $PARTICLE earned by the Realm owner. It DOES NOT affect Adventurer $PARTICLE earned.

Introducing Realm PARTICLE Emissions

Your Realm will now have an equal amount of potential $PARTICLE emissions. The key word being potential, as it will take work on the part of the Realmer to earn those emissions.

Your Realm will be eligible for approximately ~29.05 $PARTICLE per week. This amount will fluctuate based on circulating supply and other factors listed below.


Realm Productivity

Productivity is the most important metric for a Realm’s success. Realmers must fine tune their strategies to excel in this endeavor.

In order to earn emissions, Realmers must strive to increase their Realm’s productivity. One of the way to achieve peak productivity is by staking Cities to your Realm.

Staking Cities

Permanently staking a City adds the Population of the City towards your productivity score.

Cities staked for an extended amount of time will be susceptible to being Razed/Corrupted/Placated by Adventurers. Realmers will need to think ahead to make sure Productivity stays optimal.

We’ll discuss Razed/Corrupted/Placated in the Adventurer section.

Claiming Emissions

Realmers can claim emissions at any point in time. Emissions accumulate per second up to 7 days.

Realmers will have to be vigilant and claim their rewards in order to maximize emissions.


NOTE: Through out the rest of the article, we’ll be mentioning Raze/Corrupt/Placate. All these actions burn Cities.

Get ready for the world of Adventures to expand! Adventurers are no longer just mere explorers — they will soon have the ability to partake in exciting new activities that will put their expertise to the test.

With different Adventurer classes, each hero will have their own unique set of skills. Some are powerful warriors with the ability to crush city walls, while others are cunning tricksters with their eye on valuable resources.

Here are some of the new activities that will soon be available for Adventurers to participate in:

Raze a city

Chaos class Adventurers have the power to burn down entire cities and collect valuable PARTICLE and LootBoxes from the smoldering ruins.

Corrupt a city

Mischief class Adventurers use their wit to trick the inhabitants of a City out of their precious PARTICLE.

Placate a city

Tranquility class Adventurers lull their foes into a false sense of security and stealthily take their valuable PARTICLE and ANIMA before anyone can notice.

Not all Adventurers are built the same. They will use their Strength, Charisma and Wisdom to help them succeed in these activities. Don’t forget to wear the right Robe and carry the sharpest Longsword too 😉

News of these activities is sending shockwaves throughout the Realmverse, and it’s up to Adventurers to prepare for the challenges ahead.


This paradigm shift will change how every Realmer plays the game. A Realmer’s potential for greatness is at arms length.

The Adventurer experience is starting to come together that will allow every Adventurer to choose their path and specialize depending on what they’re after.

We are excited for what’s to come 🎉

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Not financial advice. Our main goal is to build a thriving ecosystem that is fun for the community and brings value to the ecosystem. Plans can change based on this goal.



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