Realmverse: Two Paths, One Story

Bridging the gap between paths

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4 min readJan 6, 2023

New Year, New Gameplay

One of our goals for this year is to tie together our core assets into an overarching and engaging game loop that everyone can enjoy.

This will include our upcoming LootBox system that will bring Discovery, Craftsmanship and Interoperability to the Realmverse and the Treasure Ecosystem.

First, let’s take a look at our two core assets 👇


A Realm’s rarity is developed by its owner and the choices they make. Your Realm gives you the ability to build, produce, provide activities for Adventurers and get rewarded for it.

Become a Realmer:

The main driver for building has been to chase the top spot on our Monthly Leaderboard and earn MAGIC Rewards. Building is done through the production of Collectibles. Collectibles are then used to build Cities and Monuments.

All this building has been precursor for what’s to come.

You can read more about Realms in our docs:


Your journey began where you deserve…in the Void. Banished into the nether by those who wish you ill. You’ll soon discover your Origin Story as you travel through the Realmverse.

Adventurers of the Void(AoV) are the population of the Realmverse. Six Archetypes roam these lands in pursuit of Transcendence.

Get started today:

Your goal as an Adventurer of the Void is to explore the Realmverse. As you journey through these realms, a story will unfold that only you can discover.

This journey will take you on several activities:
✅ Missions
✅ Exploration
✅ Battles

We started with Adventurers of the Void but this universe was meant for more. Soon you’ll have Smols, Imbued Souls, Squires, Beacon’s Founding Characters and many more by your side.

You can read more about Adventurers of the Void in our docs:

So what’s next? 👇

Two Paths, One Story

Here’s a broad overview of what we are developing. Over the next several weeks, we’ll be releasing more details on each section shown below.


Monuments are closely tied to Adventurers. They provide a connection to their past with clues about their origins.

As Adventurers pay homage to these Monuments, they will have the chance to find:
✅ LootBoxes
✅ Variant Memories
✅ Inheritance
✅ Details about their origin
✅ Much more…

Realmers will need enough Monuments and ANIMA staked to bring Adventurers to their borders.

🌇 Cities

Cities will continue to provide a place for Adventurers to explore. PARTICLE will flow to those who venture.

City population directly influences how many Adventurers can visit your Realm. Staking of PARTICLE will bring in a new modality to these experience.


Labs are where Adventurers will experiment with Rarity Items and other artifacts of the Realmverse. Adventurers will be able to craft new, unique and more powerful items to use in the Realmverse.

We are very excited about what crafting will bring to the Realmverse. It will give Adventurers the opportunity to show off their hard earned loot and use it in game. You can read more about Rarity items here.

Realmers will need enough Labs and PARTICLE staked for Adventurers to experiment successfully within their borders.

🚢 Seaports

We’ve left this here as a teaser to some interoperable functionality we want to experiment with…speculate away 🚀

Join us

We’ve got some exciting gameplay to look forward to in the New Year.

To find out more, join our Discord and starting chatting with the community.

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Not financial advice. Our main goal is to build a thriving ecosystem that is fun for the community and brings value to the ecosystem. Plans can change based on this goal.



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