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Part 1: A Value-Sharing Highway for the Treasure-verse

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4 min readJan 19, 2022


Before we jump into the topic, let’s talk about why Realm exists and how it’s seeking to create value for the Treasure ecosystem

Why Realm

Building community and providing tangible value to the community has been Realm’s ethos since its inception. The path hasn’t always been clear but with the creation of Treasure, it’s become clear what we want to double down on.

Treasure provides social coordination through the $magic ecosystem and incentivizes the creation of value-sharing highways between projects in the Treasure-verse.

Here’s our first “highway” project focused on bringing value to the ecosystem.

Gamify your NFT

NFTs are everywhere these days. There seems to be a new project popping up every minute. So you minted an NFT, now what?

Realm seeks to answer that question by:

  1. Providing a wrapper around your NFT that allows you to play many kinds of games with a unified character and storyline.
  2. Creating a space where all NFT communities can interact with each other through gameplay.

Let’s talk next about what roles you can take.


There are two roles you can take. We will breakdown the differences between them and what you should consider when choosing your role. Also note, that you can can choose both roles!

First, let’s talk about the Adventurer role.


The Adventurer has one assignment…find a game you love and have fun!

Your Adventurer will be a wrapper around your NFT’s unique traits. The first game released will be Battles but more on that later in the series.

Have a Treasure? Each treasure you own will provide “variety” to your Adventurer. That’s all we’ll say for now 😉

If you ever want to start over again, you can mint a new Adventurer and take them down a totally new path.

Each game mode will have its risks and rewards. It wouldn’t be any fun if there was no chance of loss.

Choose this role if you’re looking for character-focused gameplay where you’ll see your Adventurer evolve over time. Tokenized incentives are less than what you’ll find as a Realmer but you’ll still see considerable rewards based on your skill and strategy as a player.

Adventurers will also have their say in governance. Their unique perspective will help balance the game mechanics.


So who develops this world and how does it get populated by dynamic and engaging gameplay?

Introducing Realmers.

The Realmer is the owner of the Realm NFT. They are provided with an engaging world-building strategy game that helps to populate the world for Adventurers. They are incentivized through token issuance to perform their work as builders.

Alfa: We’ll be integrating Treasures into the building process.

They are also the overseer of the Realm Metaverse. Each Realmer will play a part in the governance of the ecosystem.

Choose this role if you love world-building and enjoy strategizing the best ways to maximize your resources. Tokenized incentives are high since you are the fundamental building block of Realm’s ecosystem.

Minting is live! You can become a Realmer today:

In case it wasn’t obvious, we ❤️ the Treasure. We’ll be integrating $MAGIC and Treasures into Realm.

TreasureDAO Integrations

It’s no surprise that TreasureDAO is loved by many. It embodies humility, fairness and accessibility.

That’s why we want to make the Treasure-verse a key part of Realm. They’ve created an amazing world that will help create strong bonds between the fractionalized metaverse 🤝

We are reaching out to the team to see how we can work together to provide value to the community and hopefully become a partner 🤞 In the meantime, we plan on working on three things:

  1. Integrating Legions, Legions Genesis, Smol Brains, Smol Bodies(more to come) as Adventurers
  2. Using Treasures as artifacts that help create diversity of gameplay for Realmers and Adventurers.
  3. Providing staking mechanisms for $MAGIC that bolster the health of the Treasure-verse and provide elements of risk/gain gameplay for Adventurers and Realmers.

The best way to show value is to actually start creating value and that’s what we are going to do 🚀

What’s up next

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be releasing several articles on Realm and where it’s heading. Here’s an outline of what’s to come:

Part 2 — Decentralizing World-Building Mechanisms
Part 3 — Battles: Creating an engaging genesis game for the community
Part 4— Becoming the keep3r network for gaming

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