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The Next Evolution in Generative UIs

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2 min readSep 5, 2022


We have come a long way over the past year. We have iterated over our UI many times over and each time we learn something new.

User feedback has been instrumental in fine tuning the usability of our app. One of the biggest requests has been to create a more visually engaging UI.

Introducing our latest UI powered by DALL·E.

We are excited for this next chapter in our UI’s evolution. We want to provide players with an immersive experience that is visually appealing.

Let’s talk about why we decided to take this route.

The Problem

The Crypto space moves very quickly. What is relevant one day, might not be the next. User demands and market dynamics can change at a moment’s notice. A project needs to be ready to pivot quickly.

At Realm, we have created a modular framework that allows us to pivot quickly and create new game modes for our users by using the building blocks we’ve put in place.

So where does this leave the UI? Well, it can leave it lagging behind. Creating beautiful UIs takes time. That’s where AI generated images come in.

DALL·E to the Rescue

Let’s talk about one specific problem that DALL·E has solved for us. Players own a Realm NFT that has various Geographical Features. These Geo Features change over time.

So we used DALL·E to generate these Geo Features for us. From Volcanos to Glaciers, DALL·E provides us with an engaging visual that fuels the imagination of our users.

It also allows us to fine tune these images over time. Making sure to keep the UI fresh and evergreen.

What’s Next

This is our first step in using AI Generated images. We think there is big potential here beyond just UIs. We’ll be experimenting with ways to use DALL·E when it comes to our ever evolving NFTs on-chain.

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