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5 min readDec 19, 2022

The Game in GameFi

We’ve been focused on getting the economic aspects of Realm off on the right foot for the past year and seen a lot of growth and buy in from the community. Now it’s time to shift our focus to the Game in GameFi.

First up, LootBoxes. One of the main goals we want to accomplish with LootBoxes is to create an experience that:

  1. Empowers Adventurers through asset ownership in the form of Rarity items
  2. Creates an asset class outside of ERC20 tokens that has diversity of value(not just yield)
  3. Gives Adventurers the thrill of discovering new items and a puzzle to figure out what they should craft for their journey

Let’s dive into LootBoxes in the Realmverse.

LootBoxes in the Realmverse

We’d like to introduce a LootBox system that fits into Realm’s ethos and lends itself well to GameFi.

Realm’s ethos revolves around: Community, Ownership and Real-World Value

How to find LootBoxes

LootBoxes are dropped when an Adventurer goes on a Mission. Missions are activities that are unlocked for Adventurers once they fulfill a certain task or criteria.

New Missions roll out every month and can be daily/weekly/monthly in occurance.

What’s Inside a LootBox

LootBoxes include a Rarity item based on the rarity of the LootBox.

LootBoxes come in four rarities. The contents is hidden from the Adventurer until it is opened. Adventurers will be able to open one or all LootBoxes at once.

Speciality Items

In addition to Rarity items, Adventurers might also receive one of these Speciality item:
✅ Collectibles
✅ Multiverse item
✅ Variant Memory
✅ Tokens(PARTICLE, ANIMA, MAGIC, etc…)

Legendary LootBoxes have the highest probability of dropping a Speciality item.


LootBoxes are fully transferable. You can move them from wallet to wallet or sell them on the Trove Marketplace.

There are two types of Rarity Items: Cosmetic and Utility items.

Cosmetic Items

Cosmetic items are fully transferable. They have three purposes.

Stack to unlock new areas of the game

Unlock new gameplay and enter contests as you stack your items.

Use to craft more powerful Utility items

Cosmetic items function as additives to craft more powerful Utility items. You can combine them with a Utility item to improve its stats and effects.

Visual Rarity Enhancement

Certain Cosmetic items can enhance the Visual Rarity of your AoV. You’ll be able to burn it and transcend into a Variant that shows the AoV with your item.

This is something we are very excited about…creating unique artwork for the collection 🎊

Utility Items

These are items the affect your Adventurer’s abilities. They provide Power-Ups for your Traits, unique abilities and access to special Missions.

Utility Items are Soulbound. That means that when you find them in a LootBox, they are NOT transferable.

We want powerful utility to be only possible through gameplay and not through buying your way into utility. You will, however, be able to customize your Adventurers with these items and sell them as a completed sets. We think this provides value accrual for Adventurers and safeguards that value.

Mythic and Exotic items

There will be Mythic and Exotic items that are craftable by using items found in LootBoxes. These items will be transferable as they will be very rare and hold high in-game value.

LootBox Conversion

Adventurers are able to convert lesser rarity LootBoxes for higher rarity LootBoxes. For example, 20 Common LootBoxes can be converted to 1 Rare LootBox. These numbers are not official numbers. This is purely an example to show how it would work.

Multiverse Items

We want to bring all our partner items into the Realmverse. We’ve got two items lined up: Treasure Fragments and KOTE Rings.

We are looking to integrate items from across the ecosystem. Contact us if you’d like to be part of our LootBox Ecosystem.

Variant Memories

If your Adventurer is an AoV, you’ll be eligible to find Variant Memories. This will provide you with special properties such as:

  • Access to Limited Edition AoVs
  • Ability to name your AoV
  • Unlock Lore for the Realmverse

We will continue to add more ways to use Memories.

Adventurers of the Void vs Partner Adventurers

Before we conclude, I’d like to touch on the differences between owning an Adventurer of the Void and Partner Adventurers.

We are getting closer to allowing some of our Treasure Partner characters(Smols, Imbued Souls, KOTE, Beacon…) to enter the Realmverse. That means you’ll be able to use your favorite character in our Missions Platform and find LootBoxes and other rewards.

SmolBrain and Imbued Soul
Knights of the Ether and Beacon Founding Character

IMPORTANT NOTE: Adventurers of the Void will always have greater rewards than a Partner Adventurer as AoVs have the responsibility of being Token Distributors and being pioneers of the Realmverse.

If this is your first time here, check out our other articles on Adventurers of the Void.

Adventurers of the Void are MINTING NOW!


As always, we are constantly iterating on all our gameplay but we think this is a great first step towards creating a vibrant ecosystem for AoVs and for the greater Treasure/Arbitrum ecosystem.

To find out more, join our Discord and starting chatting with the community.

Join us: https://discord.gg/realmverse
Follow us: https://twitter.com/rlmverse



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