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Intro to LootBoxes and Peripherals

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5 min readFeb 27, 2023

Let’s take a deep dive into our LootBox system. To get an overview of our LootBox system, check out our previous article:

LootBox Basics

It’s a simple mechanism. Perform an activity, get rewarded with a LootBox. The contents of the LootBox is unknown until opened.

Our LootBox system is more than just a dispenser of items. It’s a tool that will help us reach optimal interoperability with items across the Treasure ecosystem.

LootBoxes come in 4 rarities: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary. The rarity of the LootBox dictates the lowest possible rarity of the item inside.

How to Earn LootBoxes

LootBoxes drop when an Adventurer: Transcends, completes a Mission or pays homage through a Realm. LootBoxes are an integral part of the Realmverse so be on the look out for new ways to earn them.

You’ll also be able to earn LootBoxes by playing our upcoming Free-to-Play Tactical RPG on mobile.


Every time an Adventurer transcends, they are awarded a LootBox.


Missions are the main way Adventurers earn LootBoxes. Each Mission has a set of tasks they’ll need to accomplish.

Tasks include:

  • Reaching a certain amount of XP
  • Reaching a certain Level
  • Having a specific Archetype
  • Being of certain Lineage of Archetypes
  • Having a certain amounts of Trait scores
  • The metaverse of the Adventurer(AoV, Smol, Imbued Soul, Squire, Beacon, TELL Hero, etc…)
  • Holding a certain Peripheral

We’ll be adding to this list as the game progresses.

Pay Homage through a Realm

Adventurers can pay homage with ANIMA and earn a LootBox.

Though Realms are not the only way to earn a LootBox, they provide a mechanism to satisfy demand for LootBoxes. In turn, Realms are rewarded with productivity and tokenized rewards.

We’ll be releasing an article on Monuments and how they work.

Introducing Peripherals 🎉

Adventurers hold a deep and ancient energy buried in their psyche. Peripherals allow this energy to manifest into the external world around them.

There are two types of Peripherals: Cosmetic and Utility.


LootBoxes hold Cosmetic Peripherals. The rarity of the LootBox dictates the lowest possible rarity of the Peripheral inside.

For example, a Rare LootBox is guaranteed to drop a Rare Peripheral but there’s a chance it could drop a rarer Peripheral.

Cosmetic Peripherals have several purposes:

  • Stack and use to unlock new areas of the game
  • Craft Utility Peripherals that enhance an Adventurer
  • Enhance the Visual Rarity of an AoV

Cosmetic Peripherals are fully transferable.


Utility Peripherals are crafted by Adventurers and provide buffs and abilities. They can only be created through crafting and are Soulbound to the Adventurer that crafted them.

This creates permanent value for each Adventurer and reenforces character-focused gameplay. We are excited to see what path players take their Adventurers on and what builds they decide to pursue.

Taxonomy of Peripherals

Loot was the revolution that birthed the early stages of Realm. We think using a similar taxonomy will allow us to create a rich and expansive set of items for the Realmverse. Each Peripheral has up to four elements: Named, Prefix, Type, Suffix.


Named peripherals are very rare and can only be crafted using a specific set of Peripherals.

These peripherals wield the power to:

  • Convert Adventurers into a 1/1 Adventurer of the Void
  • Boost abilities
  • Battle difficult but more rewarding enemies

But be warned, usage of the Named Peripherals causes wear and will eventually break it into pieces.


All Peripherals have a Prefix based on their rarity. The prefix dictates visual characteristics of the Peripheral.

Examples include: Tarnished Longsword, Honed Shinken, Chosen Tomahawk, Transcendent Cloak.


This is the type of Peripheral. The visual aspects of the Peripheral will vary based on the rarity.

Examples include: Sword, Goggles, Claymore and Cloak.


Peripherals with rarity of Legendary and above have the possibility of having a Suffix.

Examples include: Longsword of Eternity, Claymore of Power, Trident of Punishment, Shield of Darkness.

Partner Projects

Soon after launch of LootBoxes, we’ll be looking to open the doors to the first several Partner Project characters:

They’ll be able to explore the Realmverse and find LootBoxes and ANIMA. Adventurers are also able to find items from across the Treasure Ecosystem inside LootBoxes 👇

Multiverse Items

Adventurers have the opportunity to find Treasure Fragments and KOTE Rings in their LootBoxes from time to time. We’ll be looking to partner with other projects to provide their items through our LootBoxes.

Treasures and KOTE rings is used in crafting Utility Peripherals, some of which will only be wieldable by their corresponding character.

For example, a Moon Rock Claymore might only be wieldable by a SmolBrain.


LootBoxes are the glue that connect Realmers and Adventurers through Discovery and Craftsmanship. Their potential for Interoperability connects the Realmverse to the rest of the Treasure Ecosystem.

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Not financial advice. Our main goal is to build a thriving ecosystem that is fun for the community and brings value to the ecosystem. Plans can change based on this goal.



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