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5 min readJul 19, 2022

A Little Backstory


Realm has been simmering under the surface for a while. Going against the grain of hype trains and unfulfilled promises. Not always the most immediate rewards but planning for a long lasting foundation.

Realm was started back in September with the aims to be a strategic minded game the likes of Civ and SimCity.

Fast forward to May 2022 which kicked off the Realmer Economy.

The numbers speak for themselves. The economy is booming as the community coalesces around world building, economic strategy and social coordination.

But we won’t stop here…

An Interoperable Metaverse

The analogy I always think about is that of an interstate highway system. In the same way an on-ramp leads you to another part of the country, we want the Realmverse to lead you to every metaverse it’s connected to.

Start your roadtrip in the Smolverse and make your way down to the Knights of the Ether.

Built by many and playable by all.

After our partnership with Treasure, we saw the potential for a sprawling ecosystem built by many and playable by all.

Three Phases of Interoperability

Let’s take a look at the three phases we have planned to create this interwoven metaverse experience.

Phase 1: Contests/Giveaways

As we launch the foundational pieces for the Realmverse(Realm NFT and Adventurers of the Void NFT) along with their economies, we’ll be pursuing the lowest level barrier of integration which are giveaways.

We’ll be looking to partner with projects across the Treasureverse to create contests and giveaways. We’ll be looking to sweep floors and provide those as prizes to our community. This approach achieves three goals:

  1. Creates value for our partner’s Treasury
  2. Creates values for the TreasureDAO Treasury
  3. Creates awareness/marketing for the partner project

Phase 2: Asset Integrations

Now that our community and hopefully other communities have been exposed to the greater metaverse, we want to create utility for those assets within the Realmverse.

The goal is to create sinks and utility mechanics for these assets that brings value to the partner community as well as value for the Realm community through economic incentives. Will you be wielding a sword from SmithyDAO or accompanied by a Lost Donkey.

This could take the form of:

  • Boosts for Realmers as they climb the Leaderboard,
  • Equipment for our upcoming Adventurers of the Void
  • Crafting materials

Phase 3: Adventurers


Adventurers are the population of the Realmverse. Adventurers will allow anyone to take their favorite NFT into the Realmverse. We’ll be launching Adventurers of the Void as the first characters to enter the Realmverse but more on that later.

We think this will unlock player’s imaginations on how they want their character’s story to unfold within the greater metaverse. It will also empower builders to build these stories for their communities.

The possibilities for integrations are endless and we’ll be looking for partners with a similar vision.

So what’s next?

Our approach to building has always been to prove it out first and let the results speak for themselves.

That’s why we’d like to introduce Adventurers of the Void.

Tranquility Variant

Adventurers of the Void

These characters, the native population of the Realmverse, will showcase the gameplay possible inside of our thriving economy and pave the way for an interoperable metaverse. Adventurers of the Void is not just a PFP, they are an integral part of the economy and hold a lot of influence.

Beautiful, unique, hand-drawn art by GBS

It will be a 20k collection that not only has beautiful, unique, hand-drawn art but has immense amount of utility within the Realmverse.

New Variants every Month

You’ll start out as one of the six Archetypes. Each month, you’ll be able to choose a new Variant to transform into by using $ANIMA you’ve collected through Questing and Battling. We call this Transcendence.

Transcendence from an Archetype to a Variant


Adventurers of the Void are integral to the tokenomics of the Realmverse. They will play a key role in both $PARTICLE and $ANIMA distribution and usage.

For more details on tokenomics and gameplay, check out our docs.

Wen Mint

We are planning to launch Adventurers of the Void in August 🎉

Goals for this Mint

Let’s talk about how this will allow us to pursue our goals of an interoperable metaverse.

Up to this point, about 95% of all development has been done by one person. That includes game design, economics, tokenomics, smart contracts, UI design/development and marketing.

I’d also like to acknowledge all the hard work the team has performed through out the past several months helping with community management, partner outreach and educational assets. Thank you to each and every one of you 🙏

We have accomplished a lot with such a small team but we’d like to scale up to add fuel to the fire. That’s why Adventurers of the Void will be a paid mint. A large portion of the funds will go towards hiring engineers, designers and artists to execute on the vision we have for Realm.

Funds will be broken down into several categories including:

  • Operating Cost
  • Atlas Mine/Harvester Staking
  • Reward/Giveaways
  • Incentives to strengthen the economy
  • Treasury Growth Strategies

All these will translate into more value for the community and the overall Treasure ecosystem.

Join us

We’ve been building towards this goal for months and we want you to join us as we build the next chapter in Realm’s story.

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