Adventurers of the Void: The Time is Now

What to Know before Mint

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4 min readAug 29, 2022

Mint is finally here 🔥

It’s finally time to bring these characters to life within the Realmverse.

Minting will begin on September 1st 🎉

We’ve been working on the tokenomics, the gameplay and the art for what seems like a very long time.

Let’s talk about what Adventurers of the Void are and why owning one will be essential in the Realmverse and beyond.

Who are the Adventurers of the Void

Adventurers of the Void(AoV) are the native population of the Realmverse. They burst onto the scene ready to explore, quest and battle in order to achieve their ultimate goal, Transcendence.

Our story begins with Six Archetypes. The first borns of the Realmverse roaming these lands on journey to find themselves in search of precious resources.

For more on the Lore click here.

One of a kind Artwork + Economic Utility

These are not just PFPs. They are a key game piece in the ecosystem. They unlock three valuable actions for the owner:

  • Capturing Particle
  • Collecting Anima
  • Transcending to a new Variant

Let’s breakdown each one of these.


PARTICLE is the native token of the Realmverse. They are pieces of the past left behind by the Ancients, PARTICLE is found scattered through out the Realmverse. Only Adventurers of the Void have the know how to find it and capture it.

Though PARTICLE has various uses, an AoV will be focused on capturing it to be able to embark on Quests.

Quests allow the AoV to earn XP, Trait points and mostly importantly ANIMA.


ANIMA is a substance that materializes when an AoV goes on a Quest. ANIMA will allow an AoV to transcend into a new Variant. Next, let’s talk about Transcendence.

Transcendence Awaits

Now that you’ve collected all this ANIMA, you are ready for Transcendence.

Transcendence allows you to choose a new Variant within your class. New Variants will be dropping every month and you’ll be able to pick one that represents the path you’d like to take.

Past Variants won’t always be available. This will create gameplay-led visual diversity. Rewarding those who have been here the longest while creating new opportunities for those just beginning their journey.

Our Art Team has been hard at work creating unique, hand-drawn works of art that you can be proud of owning.

Mint Details

There will be two mint phases:

  1. September 1: For those who were part of the March and August WL Snapshots taken AND those who won a WL through a giveaway. This will be a FREE mint with a Soulbound token.
  2. September 2: Public mint at 0.069 ETH.

See docs for more in-depth details on how snapshots work.

Built on a Thriving Community

From the very beginning, we set our sights on creating a solid foundation rooted in a strong community culture and a sustainable economy.

We’ve been looking forward to kicking off this new game mode for our community and are excited to welcome newcomers into the Realmverse through Adventurers of the Void 🙌

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